CORONA – The Safe Way to Know When Traveling in Vietnam During The Time of Isolation Between The Covid 19 Pandemic


Currently, this is the 4th outbreak of covid 19 and also the strongest outbreak in Vietnam, and have the most covid 19 cases ever. Made the government worried and announced the application of many social distancing directives such as directives 15 – 16 – 12 – for many provinces and cities, especially in the southern region of Vietnam.

And applying curfews to restrict people in Ho Chi Minh City from going out, without really having any real urgent need. The Covid 19 epidemic outbreak out in Ho Chi Minh City, causing many people living here to lose their jobs and find themselves in difficult situations.

Therefore, many people have sought to return to their homeland to avoid the corona pandemic. Created a wave of people moving back home, and causing headaches for local governments. Because most of the cases have a lot of new cases, the test cases in Ho Chi Minh City are safe, but when they return home, they have the disease. 


Ways to Know, the cars bring people staying and working to home from the southern provinces and cities or from provice have covid 19. Then the cars turn back to the sothern province, cities, On the way back they need to find some customers to earn extra income. it has a very high risk of corona infection, it has a very high risk of corona infection, when you go to those cars. it’s not your fault, it’s the tour offices that arrange it for you. You are a foreigner and want to move to necessary places such as Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Cam Ranh Airport, Da Nang Airport…, you should use local safe private cars sources and reputable cars company, to avoid the risk of disease transmission. 

Here is how to recognize the license plates of the provinces and cities:

Ho Chi Minh has the first number is: (50A) (51A) (52A) (53A) (54A) (55A) (56A), (57A), (58A), (59A).

Long An first car number is: (62A)  —   Thành Phố Cần Thơ (65A)   —  Đồng Tháp (66A)  —  Tiền Giang (63A)  —  An Giang (67A)  —  Bến Tre (71A)  —  Vĩnh Long (64A)  —  Hậu Giang (95A)  —   Kiên Giang (68A)  —   Sóc Trăng (83A)  —   Bạc Liêu (94A)  —  Cà Mau (69A)

Bình Phước has the first number is: ( 93A – )  — 

Bình Dương has the first number is: ( 61A – )  —   

Đồng Nai has the first number is: ( 39A – ),( 60A – )  —   

Tây Ninh has the first number is: ( 70A – )  —   

Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu has the first number is: ( 72A – )

Khánh Hoà – Nha Trang has the first number is: ( 79A – )  —   

Ninh Thuận – Phan Rang has the first number is: ( 85A – )  — 

 Bình Thuận – Phan Thiet – Mui ne has the first number is: ( 86A – )

Thành Phố Đà Nẵng has the first number is: ( 43A – )   —  Quảng Nam    ( 92A – )  —  Quảng Ngãi  ( 76A – )  —  Bình Định   ( 77A – )  —   Phú Yên    ( 78A – )

Covid 19 test points in cities you should know

In Nha Trang City: Test (PCR) Addrees 1: Số 8-10đường Trần Phú, Xương Huân, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa contact: Phone 0258 3822 406   

Adrees 2: 04 Quang Trung, Vạn Thạnh, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Contact Phone: 0583 822 574

In Phan Thiết City: Adrees : Lê Duẩn, Phú Trinh, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận Contact Phone: 0252 3821 434

In Da Lat City: Addrees 1: 54 Đường Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Phường 6, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng Phone:  0263 3823 638

Addrees 2: 

In Da Nang City: Addrees: 315 Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Chau ,Da Nang  Phone: 02363 555 589


VIET NAM Prisident HO CHI MINH Mausoleum


Hanoi day tour
Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum


Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh is a place of prudery president Ho Chi Minh body. The mausoleum was officially started on September 2, 1973, at the location of the old stage in the middle of Ba Dinh Square.

The mausoleum was inaugurated on August 29, 1975. Building architecture consists of 3 layers, with a height of 21.6 meters, width 41,2 mét.

The lower layer creates the three-level steps, the middle layer is the central structure of the mausoleum and the stairs. The outside of the mausoleum is covered with gray granite, the inside is made of gray and red polished stone.

Around the four sides are square columns of marble The top layer is a leveled roof. On the front of the mausoleum is the inscription: CHU-TICH-HO-CHI-MINH made of pink stone.  The mausoleum is designed for high durability resists bombs and earthquakes of 7 Richter.



There is also special protection against floods. The mausoleum is also designed to add a “special chamber” to keep the body in place in the event of war. The mausoleum was built on the old foundation of the castle in the middle of Ba Dinh Square. where Ho Chi Minh presided.

over major rallies and read the Declaration of Independence that become the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The mausoleum is made from precious woods from the Central Highlands. The lobby is covered with red and rose red marble, as the background for the words “Nothing is more precious than Independence Freedom” and Ho Chi Minh’s signature is inlaid with gold.

And 200 sets of doors in the Mausoleum are made from precious woods by the people of the South and the Central Highlands, by carpenters of Nam Ha, Ha Bac, and Nghe An in Vietnam. 



There are always two soldiers standing guard in front of the mausoleum, changing guard every hour.

On the wall are two national flags and party flags, Composed of 4,000 ruby ​​stones. President Ho Chi Minh’s body can be seen Through the transparent glass. On occasions when people visit the mausoleum, there will be four soldiers standing guard.

The body of the glass case is a technical and artistic work made by Vietnamese master craftsmen. The bed is made of bronze, with a lotus pattern strip. three glass beds with high impact resistance, metal bed roof. With the lighting system and the automatic air conditioning system.

The bed is placed on a stone pedestal, with an automatic elevator system. The mausoleum has a square shape, each side is 30 m, the door turns to the east. The South and the North have two 65-meter-long monuments for visitors during major holidays.



The Mausoleum Gardens.

Around the mausoleum are gardens where more than 250 species of plants are grown from all parts of Vietnam. In front and behind the mausoleum, 79 cypress trees, symbolizing the age of 79 of President Ho Chi Minh,

The lawns in front of the mausoleum consist of 18,000 m2 of ginger grass, native grass in South, Vietnam. The two sides of the door are two porcelain flowers.

The two sides south and north of the shrine are two bamboo groves. And a 380-meter long lawn divided into 240 squares of green grass throughout the four seasons.



Flag-raising ceremony

In front of the mausoleum is the flagpole, of the mausoleum, is Ba Dinh Square with a road for the parade. the flag-raising ceremony starts at 6am and the flag-raising ceremony takes place at 9pm daily. Directly across the lawn is Bac Son Street, with red rose and peach blossom. At the end of Bac-Son street is the Martyrs station. On the west side of the square is the museum commemorating President Ho Chi Minh, And Ho Chi Minh’s house on stilts earlier.



Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum often has many delegations from provinces, cities, and foreigners to visit. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is open 5 days a week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings from 7:30 to 10:30. Public holidays, Saturday, Sunday open for 30 minutes. Every year, the mausoleum is closed for regular renovations in 2 months: October and November.


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Welcome the first Tourists to Hue city, Vietnam in 2019

Vietnam Locals Travel and Transport bases in Hue city. We offer transfer service with driver from Phu Bai airport to Hue hotel by private car, Vietnam. Vietnam Private Car, Vietnam VIP Car, Vietnam Limousine Car transfer service, Vietnam Helicopter Tour as well as Vietnam Local Tours.

Vietnam Locals Travel & Transport
Vietnam Locals Driver

On new year day Jan 1st 2019, we cooperated with Thua Thien Hue province Department Tourism, Hue Tourism Association for welcoming the first Tourists arrived at International Phu Bai airport.

Helicopter Tour by Vietnam Locals Travel
Helicopter Tour by Vietnam Locals Travel

Hue is old capital of Vietnam, where the Nguyen’s Dynasty was established with a complex of monument of Heritages. To express Hue people hospitality, friendliness, Hue Tourism Department, Hue Tourism Association, Vietnam Airlines Hue Branch office, Vietnam Locals Travel and Transport and some Hue Tour Operators, Hue Travel Agents welcome the first Tourists to Hue by airway at Phu Bai international airport on Jan 1st 2019.

Welcome the Vietnam Airlines Crews
Welcome the Vietnam Airlines Crews

The event was organized at arrival gate A3 at International Phu Bai airport. The chairman of Thua Thien Hue Tourism Department Mr Nguyen Van Phuc and Mr Dinh Manh Thang chairman of Hue Tourism Association, Mr Le Hong Thuy (known as Mr. Bean) CEO of Vietnam Locals Travel and Transport presented flowers, souvenir gift and perform Dragon Dance to the first Tourists arrived at Phu Bai airport.

Mr Bean - CEO of Vietnam Locals with Hue Tourism Department
Welcome first tourist to Hue – 2019

Mr Bean – CEO of Vietnam Locals with Hue Tourism DepartmentOne of the first tourist arrived at Phu Bai international airport is couple Alex Ebtedaei and Nicolas Triballeau from French.

Mr Bean welcome first couple arrived at Phu Bai airport
Mr Bean welcome first couple arrived at Phu Bai airport

Francesco Prato, Angela Molinaro from Italia, Mr Bruno Finazi were the next tourists travel to Hue by airway.

Welcome first tourists to Hue city at Phu Bai airport
Welcome first tourists to Hue city at Phu Bai airport

These lucky tourists got a complimentary voucher Domestic flight in Vietnam from Vietnam Airlines validity until 31.12. 2019.

These lucky tourists got a complimentary voucher Domestic flight
These lucky tourists got a complimentary voucher Domestic flight

Beside that, more than other 200 tourists on flight number VN1543 from Noi Bai International airport to Phu Bai airport also received welcome flower, souvenir gift as well as the performance traditional Dragon dance.

Welcome first tourists to Hue city at Phu Bai airport
Welcome first tourists to Hue city at Phu Bai airport

The program welcoming first tourist to Hue city is one of the annual event. It is starting for promoting, introducing image of Hue city, Hue people in particularly or Vietnam country and Vietnamese people in general speaking to inbound tourist and domestic tourists.

Traditional Dragon performance to welcome the first Tourists to Hue in 2019
Traditional Dragon performance to welcome the first Tourists to Hue in 2019

In 2019, Thua Thien Hue tourism department try to welcome 4,5th – 4,7th million travelers. It increased 8% as 2018.
In details, International tourist got 40% – 45%.

Welcome first Tourists to Hue city in 2019
Welcome first Tourists to Hue city in 2019

In details, International tourist got 40% – 45%.
Accommodation traveler got 2,2th – 2,3th million. It increased 7% compare with 2018.
Total Revenue in tourism business suppose to go up 10% as 2018. It gets 4,700 – 4,900 billion VND.

Danang Vip Car Charter In Vietnam

How to find out the top Vietnam Private Car to handle your VIP Car Transfer Service for economy events or Sport meeting or business forum in Vietnam? Will you work with Vietnamese Government or Private Car Company to meet your need?

Danang Vip Car Charter In Vietnam
Vietnam Private VIP Car Charter

Vietnam Private Car offers luxury car transfer service for meeting, business and other events in Danang city, Central Vietnam. Vietnam Private Car is one of the leading professional private and reliable car companies for hiring in Vietnam.

Danang Vip Car Charter In Vietnam
Danang VIP Car Charter – Mercedes Ben 2016 S550-Vietnam VIP Car

It’s our honor to serve the VIP AUF Group from Dubai – United Arabic Emirates for the 5th Asia Beach Games 2016 (ABG2016), organized in Danang beach city, Vietnam.

Danang VIP Car Charter
Danang VIP Car Charter Mercedes-Benz S500

With the latest model of Mercedes Ben S400Mercedes Ben S500, it’s our honor to serve Sir Juma Salem Mubarak, Sir Alkamali Mohammad, Sir Alshehhi Saeed and especially the President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah – President, Olympic Council of Asia… who are from United Arabic Emirates.

Danang Vietnam VIP Car transfer
Danang Vietnam VIP Car transfer


What kind of car Vietnam Private Car company offers in Danang city? We offer high class and luxury cars such as BMW, Mercedez E, GLS, S400, S500, S600

Vietnam Private Car
President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah – President, Olympic Council of Asia


How much does it cost for a private luxury car for Danang VIP airport pick up and drop off? It depends on what kind of car you request, details cost Vietnam Private Car team will send email to you.

Danang Vietnam VIP Car Service
Danang Vietnam VIP Car Service

For Danang VIP car charter we require you book with us at least 1 week before starting. Some urgent cases we can arrange our VIP car charter as your request but better all are in a plan is better for us arrangement.

How long you can use our car for airport pick up and drop off in Danang and surrounding? Our Danang VIP car and driver will be ready waiting for you at VIP area, our staff will help you to take luggage, help you to make paper permission… then take you to VIP gate to our car transfer to your hotel.
-Hotel in Danang center it takes around 20 minutes.
-Hotels in Danang beach area it takes around 30 minutes.
-Hotels in Hoian it takes around 40 or 45 minutes.

Danang Private Car Team
Sir Alkamali Mohammad and Danang Private Car Team

How to book Vietnam Danang VIP car transfer service? Please ask your staff inform us your flight number, time of arrival, name to printed on welcome board, kind of car, hotel for drop off, special note if it’s possible, Vietnam Danang Private Charter Car Team will arrange VIP car rental as your staffs’ request.

Vietnam Private Car service
Dr. Nasser Al Khalifa Budoor, Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Director of Dubai Medical District

Why book Danang VIP car charter?
-We save your time
-We serve as you pay
-We will help you to organize everything as your orders.

Contact Danang Private VIP Car Charter now!

How to get to Nha Trang from Dalat, Mui Ne, SaiGon

How to get to Nha Trang from Dalat, Mui Ne, SaiGon

Nha Trang is a beautiful city, beautiful beaches with biodiversity, is an interesting place for you to relax during the year. There are many ways to Nha Trang, you can choose it.

By Air

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Nha Trang: It takes you about 1,5 hours by plain and have about 8 flights a day, so you can go any time you want. If you arrive at the airport in Nha Trang, you can contact us so that we can pick you up to the hotel.In other places like Da Lat or Mui Ne, there will be no direct flights to Nha Trang, because of the distance, although you can choose our private transfer from Nha Trang Private car.

nha trang private car

By Bus

From SaiGon (Ho Chi Minh City): To travel from Ho Chi Minh City, it takes about 9 hours. You should book tickets for the car line and safety. The price of this trip is also very cheap, about 300,000 ~ 15 $.

From Dalat to Nha Trang: There are about 20 trips a day, this can be good news for you, About 130km, you will take 3 hours to get there, for the trip is 130,000VND ~ $ 7

From Mui Ne: It takes about 4h to move from Mui Ne to Nha Trang, with a 261km route. The fare you pay is  130,000VNDD , with about 4 trips per day going from Mui Ne to Nha Trang.


nha trang private car

By Train

From Ho Chi Minh: Travel time is about 7h30p, there are many fare to choose from, depending on how your place is, you can learn more information at the ticket sales online or at the station. . Ticket price from 200000 VND – 600000VNĐ.

nha trang private car

By Private Car

Nha Trang private car is always proud of service which is No.1 in Nha Trang.

Use our service you will be transported in person, we offer free wifi, drinking water, cold towels and baby seat.

nha trang private car

It is easy for you to book our private transfer. You just drop visit or call us by hotline: 0935753336

Just let us know 30mins before you want your trip to start. Your request should have Your hotel, flight number,train number, pick-up time and your destination, how many people you have. Our friendly driver who can speak basic English will pick you up anytime & anywhere.

Expecially, when you choose our good private transfer. You will be introduced some nice sightseeing on the route for visiting, photos or short break and we do not surcharge anymore.

More transfer services you may interest:

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9 Historical Places In Vietnam You Must Visit

9 Historical places in Vietnam

Over the course of the long history of development, many battles, Vietnam has remained steadfast until today and has become a developing country in the region.

Places to visit historical in Vietnam

  1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
  2. Thang Long Citadel
  3. Temple of Literature
  4. Citadel of the Ho Dynasty
  5. Hue Citadel
  6. Hue Tombs
  7. My Son Sanctuary
  8. Independent place
  9. Cu Chi Tunnels

Describe a historical place in Vietnam

  1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

On September 2, 1969, President Ho Chi Minh, the outstanding leader, national liberation hero, prominent international communist soldier, cultural celebrity of humanity went into eternity, leaving unlimited gratitude to all Vietnamese people and international friends.

According to the aspirations of the entire Party, the people and the whole army, the Politburo of the Party Central Committee decided: “With our everlasting and eternal beloved gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, we have to perform to a good degree. The most enduring task of preserving Ho’s presidency and building his tomb. ”

Today, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum is located in Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

We are currently allowed to visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum on some days of the week. But according to the rules here.      More detail…,

  1. Thang Long Citadel

1000 years ago. In 1009, Ly Cong Uan took the throne, founded the Ly dynasty. In the autumn of autumn 1010, the king proclaimed the capital city to move the capital from Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh Province) to the city Dai La. Immediately after moving the capital, Ly Cong Uan has urgently built the Thang Long Citadel, early in 1011 is completed.

Come here we will visit the monuments such as the Hanoi Flagpost, the Glass Temple …

Today, after the reform, renovation, and even wars, the Thang Long capital city has many transformations, not as intact as before. We only have a few tourist attractions.

thang long citadel
thang long citadel

  1. Temple of Literature, Ha Noi

Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, built in 1070, is considered as the first university in Vietnam. At present, there are also preserved beer stoned by high-ranking connoisseurs under the reign.

From the outside, the entire Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is surrounded by four walls built of large bricks – the most common architectural materials of the post-Le period, creating an ancient space. glass, dignified, full of nostalgia. Inside the wall, the ancient architectural roofs are hidden under the luxuriant foliage of the ancient trees, giving the place a completely different scene with the outside, creating a special attraction for visitors.

In front of Van Mieu, across the Quoc Tu Giam, there is a large lake, called Ho Van. Previously, in the middle of the lake, there is Kim Chau mound, on the erection of a house – “Judge of the House,” where the ceremony of the Confucian poetry. Now the family has died, on the mound still, stakes built in 18 Tu Duc 18 (1865) records the renovation of the Temple of Literature.

Temple of Literature, Ha Noi
Temple of Literature, Ha Noi

Located on a large campus, the interior of Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is divided into 5 areas, separated by the walls built ancient brick tiles.

More Link: Ha noi day tour

  1. Citadel of the Ho Dynasty

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty was built by Ho Quy Ly in the spring of 1397, after three months of completion, this is where Ho Quy Ly lived for nearly 10 years after the overthrow of the Tran dynasty.

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty was built entirely of large stone with rudimentary techniques, but over time and war, it remained intact.

According to many theories by the ancient Chinese invaders of the Vietnamese, Citadel of the Ho Dynasty was destroyed not intact. At present, there are only port gates, male escorts and dragons dragged at the gate.

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty
Citadel of the Ho Dynasty

  1. Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel was built in 1802 by King Gia Long, after more than 100 years. Throughout the wars, Hue was the centerpiece of the Vietnam War, so the United States and the imperialist mercilessly bombarded Hue, So after the war, the buildings in Hue were badly damaged. After many times UNESCO sent people to Hue to survey and launch a campaign to save Hue, now the Hue Citadel has been restored intact, however, there are still many architectural works have not been restored.

Hue Citadel
Hue Citadel

Today, visitors to Hue can not fail to explore Hue Citadel, this is the most popular destination in Hue.

You will discover life as well as incarnate into the King, Queen under the dynasty.

  1. Hue Tombs

13 Kings, but due to the historical, war, the kings of the Nguyen only built 7 Tombs, including Gia Long mausoleum (the first king Nguyen Dynasty), Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh, Thieu Tri Tomb, Dong Khanh Tomb, Duc Duc Tomb – Thanh Thai – Duy Tan. These tombs are elaborately and extensively constructed in the Loong – Phung areas of Confucianism and Buddhism.

Hue Tombs
Hue Tombs

  1. My Son Sanctuary

My Son is a Cham monument, built in the fourth century. It is the burial place for the kings and painters as well as the sorcerers of the careers, where kings speak. with the supreme gods for the good weather. My point was originally made of wood, but then the Kings reformed, rebuilt by brick and it lasts to this day. My Son was discovered in the 19th century by the French, After many years of war, My Son is not intact anymore, the vestiges of war remain, many works have been ruined, however, there are still many tourists. Travel to visit here.

My Son Sanctuary
My Son Sanctuary

  1. Independent place, Viet Nam

The independent residence was built in 1868 under the name of NORODOM Palace, the residence of the governor of Cochinchina. After many years, the Independence Palace was rebuilt and existed to this day.

The palace was the end of Vietnam’s two-tiered partition.

Independent place, Viet Nam
Independent place, Viet Nam

  1. Cu Chi Tunnels

About 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi tunnels were created for troops and Vietnamese against the United States. The tunnels go down in history with many struggles against America and have been successful. Today is a famous tourist destination in the world.

cu chi tunnels
cu chi tunnels

Discover the tour: Gai Gon- Cu Chi- Tay Ninh

Ben Thanh Market Opening Hours


 Built in 1870 by the French, the market was initially called Les Halles Centrales before being renamed Ben Thanh in 1912. From a wet market created by street vendors by the early 17th century, Ben Thanh has experienced many ups and downs throughout its history and is now the oldest surviving market and one of the symbols of Ho Chi Minh city. That makes it a must for any visitors traveling to this 300-year-old city.

Today, because the market possesses one of the most crucial locations in District 1 (the intersection of Le Loi, Ham Nghi, Tran Hung Dao Avenues and Le Lai Street), transportation is extremely convenient and trade is bustling. In the morning, you can find almost everything from dry food to clothes for a reasonable price. The market atmosphere can sometimes be a real hustle and bustle, but it is an exciting experience after all. However, always remember that bargain is a must in any Vietnamese market.

Ben Thanh Market is one of the most famous landmarks of Ho Chi Minh City. However, you should check how far your hotel from Ben Thanh Market is. You can walk to enjoy the life of this city and do not need any other vehicles such as Grap Car, Grapbike Local Taxi…etc.

ben thanh market opening hours
ben thanh market opening hours

See more : Nha Trang to Sai Gon by private car

Opening Hours of Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh market opens around 6 AM every day, with the vendors unpacking their goods and putting them on display. Ben Thanh market operates throughout the day until the official closing time at 6 PM each evening.

Because the stalls have a large range of goods that need to be packed away they start well in advance of the closing time, therefore by 5 PM some of them will have started to close up.

As the market is quite hot during the noon time, therefore, the best time to visit is either earlier in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon.

After all the stalls have closed inside the market and the gates are shut at 6 PM most people will go home for their dinner, but after this, the night market will start in the streets surrounding Ben Thanh.

Ben Thanh market shopping

The best time to get to the market is in the early morning, to pick up some items including lacquer ware, bamboo goods, arts, and crafts. There are also clothing, textiles, luggage, watches and other electronic items.

ben thanh market shopping
ben thanh market shopping

Ben Thanh Market is known as the ideal place for Vietnamese food. There are a number of vendors and food stalls in the food market that offer guests new dishes made to order. Here, people can enjoy local dishes like pancakes, rolls, pies …etc.

From clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry to kitchen appliances, groceries, sweets and great Vietnamese coffee … everything the Saigon people need for their daily lives. Can be found here. Look at the things to sell here, see how people trade or what kind of goods are bought by local people the most, one can learn much about local life and have shopping experience in Vietnam. For those who are interested in shopping, this is exactly where you are looking.

Ben Thanh Market Night

Ben Thanh market in the evening, while all the shops in the market are closed, outside the restaurants on the sidewalk to open and make the market live in the extraordinary area, you can be here. Catch some local dishes at one of the 20 cafeterias around the market.

In addition to the dishes, you can take a stroll around the market to see the souvenir booths sold a lot. You can shop for yourself or buy gifts for your friends.

ben thanh market night
ben thanh market night

Tips when traveling to the Ben Thanh Market

If you travel, you should know the price at 3-4 counters to avoid being in the sky, you should pay down when you buy something. Or you can go with a local so that person can pay for you.

To explore all of Saigon, you can combine your trip with a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels or explore the Saigon local markets tour.

By contacting us, you will have a great trip.

How long was the DMZ separated the north from the south of Vietnam

What is DMZ in Vietnam?

It no longer exists. But from 1954 until 1975 it was a no-man’s land that divided North Vietnam from South Vietnam at the 17th parallel. When heavy US troops were there during the 1960s, any non-friendly forces in that portion of land would’ve been wiped out. Which is why the north reverted to the Ho Chi Minh trail instead. This trail (a road network actually) went around the DMZ and infiltrated into Army of Vietnam. DMZ=De-Militarized Zone.

Demilitarized Zone
Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone

Vietnamese demilitarized zone – Establishing the DMZ

1945, when an agreement was drawn up as to how the Japanese should surrender. Vietnam was divided (like Korea) along the 16th Parallel. Japanese troops to the North would surrender to China, and troops to the South would surrender to the United Kingdom. Both countries would send in troops to occupy Vietnam. The British handed the south to the French, and the Chinese made a deal with the French and handed them the north. However, the real division was in 1954 as a result of the Geneva Conference, which was held to discuss how to resolve the war between the French and the communist Viet Minh (led by Ho Chi Minh, who wanted independence). The Viet Minh agreed to withdraw all their forces from south of the 17th Parallel. The French agreed to withdraw all their forces from north of the line. The Geneva Accords said that elections should be held in 1956 for the unification of Vietnam, but the elections ended up being rigged. Vietnam was split into two separate countries as a result.

The northern part of Vietnam, which was almost entirely controlled by the Viet Minh. The southern part of Vietnam, by the French and allies, then the United States in power. The boundary between these two zones was established at the Ben Hai River, which enters the East Sea. The boundary followed the Ben Hai river to its headwaters, about 55 km WSW, and thence to the Laotian border.The area within 5 km on either side of the border was declared to be a demilitarized zone. Troops of both governments were barred from this area.

DMZ Vietnam map

The DMZ ran east-west near the center of present-day Vietnam spanning more than a hundred kilometers and was a couple of kilometers wide. It reached across into a beach on the east. An island nearby was controlled by North Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War. Although it was nominally described as being at “the 17th parallel,” almost all of the zone lies to the south of the parallel, with only a small portion of the zone near the eastern shore actually including the parallel. It was around 100 kilometers north of the city of Hue. It extended about a mile on either side of the Ben Hai river and ran east to west from the Laos border to the East Sea.

Exploring the Demilitarized Zone can today be comfortably achieved by joining one of the various organized tours starting daily from Hue. Together with a local guide the most famous war settings, as Khe Sanh Combat Base, The

To explore De-Limitarized Zone nowaday, let find out more the link of DMZ tour with us.

How to get to Hue?

How to get to Hue?
Located on the bank of Song Huong- Perfume River; Hue, the capital of ThuaThien Hue province in Central Vietnam, is 700 km southern Hanoi, 1100km northern Ho Chi Minh City, and only a few miles from the sea. Not until 1945 was Hue the national capital, the political, cultural and religious center of Vietnam under the control of Nguyen Dynasty. Most well-known for its historic values; Hue had been recognized as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Renowned for the most intact royal city in Vietnam, Hue has enough charm to keep you staying as long as you can afford the time to visit. There are many ways to get to Hue such as: by train, by air, by Hue Private Car and so on.

1. Flight to Hue:

How to get to Hue?
Phu Bai International Airport


a. From Ha Noi:
There are many flights from Ha Noi to Hue cityevery day from different airlines such as: Vietnam Airlines, Jestar, Vietjet Air. You can choose one based on your budge and it takes 45 minutes to flight from Hanoi to Hue.

b. From Ho Chi Minh city: The average flight duration from Ho Chi Minh to Hue city is about an hour and different airlines provide flight from HCM city to Hue such as Vietnam Airlines, Jestar, Vietjet Air. You can search on the Internet for the price.Vietnam Airlines normally offers the most expensive flight to Hue in comparison to others.

c. From Nha Trang: There is no direct flight from Nha Trang to Hue. The best choice for you is that you take a flight from Nha Trang to Da Nang and then you can book train or bus ticket to Hue.

All in all, coming to Hue by air is a good idea. There are many flights every day from other cities to Hue city and it takes about 40-60 minutes to go there. It’s the most expensive way but it’s convenient, fast and safe.To save time to arrive faster than vehicles such as trains or coaches you should book cheap airline tickets. This is website to book ticket:,,

2. By train:

How to get to Hue?
Hue Station

From Ha Noi, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh City: There are many train trips from Ha Noi to Hue every day. It takes about 2 to 3 days to get to Hue and you must overnight in train.  There is a disadvantage that there are many people on the train and you cannot feel comfortable. One more important thing is that it’s not as clean and quiet as on a plane.  On the other hand, it saves your money.With friends in the north want to travel to Hue, you can go to Hanoi to catch the train from Hanoi to Hue. For those who have a lot of time and want to experience beautiful scenery on the road, should choose this medium.

This is website to book ticket:

3. By Hue Private Car

Traveling to Hue for long distance you can think of flight or train but some case you want to see more things along the road of Vietnam you can hire a car from Vietnam Private Car then enjoy Vietnam landscapes.

Have you ever think of rent a private car with private driver transfer from Saigon to Hue or Hanoi to Hue? Its crazy idea but it will be amazing travel experience ever.

You will stop wherever you want. Stay at any destination as long as you want. Our expert consultant will help you to plan where should visit in Vietnam.

Where you can book long car trip in Vietnam? You can have a look at some online website below:


How to get to Hue?
Vietnam Private Car Team

For shorter trip you can refer some private car online website to help you quote some car rental service in Dong Hoi, Quang Tri, Hue, Danang, Hoian and Nhatrang.


In summary, based on your budge and your preference you can choose one of the above options. You wonder how you can transfer from Hue Airport or Hue Central Station please contact to our company to book private car. Our service will bring you the best experience with the most reasonable price.BOOK NOW!!!

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum


Hue Citadel
Hue Citadel

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum is one of the most attractive museums in Vietnam. We can see overview of Hue’s royal life in the past. The museum is in a nicely maintained building constructed over one century ago. Definitely worth a visit for you.

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum is located at No. 3, Le Truc St., Hue City. It’s in Long An Palace, inside the Citadel, which is a beautiful complicated built structure of wood with 128 columns.

The Museum with hundreds years old
The Museum with hundreds years old

The decoration is extremely artistic and elegant. Artifacts in the museum were collected and stored from 1913 till now. The number of artifacts has about 10,000 units, mostly royal furniture, royal daily implement, imperial furniture, artwork in the palace … made by many kind of materials like: gold, silver, jade, bronze, ivory, glass, fabric, paper, …

Artifacts in Hue Royal Antiquities Museum

Also, Hue Royal Antiquities Museum has stored thousands of local produced artifacts, gifts from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of other countries..

Artifacts in Hue Royal Antiquities Museum

After visiting Hue Royal Antiquities Museum, we understand part of royal life in the Nguyen Dynasty, how talented and creative of Vietnamese artists that time was.

To explore more about Hue City, you can contact via Hue Day Tours or Hue Luxury Car or Hue History Full Day Tour.