Nhatrang driver team

Nhatrang driver team

Nhatrang driver team

Nhatrang Private Car Driver Team is one of the strongest drivers in South Central Vietnam. All our drivers can speak the basics of English, loving their jobs, and have been driving tourism transportation in the long term for more than 5 years up. We understand what you want during the trip, we know well the destination and choose the right stops for you to take the best photo of your trip. Let Nhatrang Private Car Driver Team take care of your trip in South Central Vietnam with safety and comfort.

Nhatrang driver team
Mr Cuong – Team leader – Nhatrang Private Car

Mr. Cuong is 41 years old, based in Saigon city, more than 10 years of driving tourism transportation in Saigon, Dalat, Nhatrang, and Mui Ne city. He has been working as Operation Manager managing the Saigon Private Car team as well as the train team to get high attention to quality services. Basically, English is spoken, he can share with you about the destination on the way of traveling such as spot highlights, local food, local restaurants, or learning basic Vietnamese language from him.

Nhatrang driver team
Mr Toan – Nhatrang Private Car Driver Team

Mr. Toan joins our team to run Nhatrang Private Taxi when he is 38 years old. At the moment he is 44 and bases in Nhatrang beach city. More than 6 years working in tourism as an English driver, Mr. Toan is well-spoken English, a high sense of humor, helpful. He will take care of you and bring you an enjoyable holiday during traveling in the South of Vietnam.

Nhatrang driver team
Mr Binh – Nhatrang Private Car Driver Team

Mr. Binh was born in Nhatrang city. He is living in the city center. He has been working as a driver for more than 7 years, traveling through Vietnam, gaining a lot of Vietnam destinations as well as local foods. Mr. Binh now daily drives 4 seaters car Chevrolet from Nhatrang to Dalat and driving back. Some time he take a car from Nhatrang to Saigon, Mui Ne, or Hoi An. Sometimes he transfers Nhatrang to Cam Ranh Airport. He is so friendly and can speak English a little bit.

Nhatrang driver team
Mr Khanh – Nhatrang Private Car Driver Team

A young boy born in the Nhatrang countryside, Mr. Thanh has joined our team for 1 year. He now bases on central transfer from Nhatrang to Hoi An, Nhatrang to Saigon, Nhatrang to Dalat. Sometimes he drives from Nhatrang to Mui Ne beach city as well. Mr. Khanh handles minivan 4 seaters – Toyota Vios. He is a good driver in Nhatrang beach city. He will bring to you a great and safe trip during your trip to Nhatrang and Dalat city.

Nhatrang driver team
Nhatrang Private Taxi

Nhatrang Private Car weekly spends time training our driver team and also recruit new drivers to our team as well. We believe that Nhatrang Private Car will become one of your first choices for transport services in South Central Vietnam with a basic English speaking driver. Let Nhatrang Private Car Team care your private transfer tour!


1.                 SAMCO – ISUZU 2013 VN-JAPAN 35 S 79B – 00456 Mr. ANH TU AP 440884
2.                 SAMCO – ISUZU 2014 VN-JAPAN 30 S 79B – 00350 Mr. VAN MINH AQ 430963
3.                 AERO COUNTY 2012 KOREA 30 S 79D – 6014 Mr. CONG KHAI
4.                 FORD LIMOUSINE 2015 AMERICA 10 S 79B – 01194 Mr. PHUONG HOANG 560954000513
5.                 FORD LIMOUSINE 2015 AMERICA 10 S 79B – 01494 Mr.NGOC CHU 560000000450
6.                 TOYOTA – HIACE 2015 JAPAN 16 S 79B – 01527 Mr. THE LAN AG 007825
7.                 FORD TRANSIT 2015 AMERICA 16 S 79B – 01231 Mr. VINH PHUONG 560070000174
8.                 FORD TRANSIT 2014 AMERICA 16 S 79B -00551 Mr. ANH TUAN AG 023389
9.                 FORD TRANSIT 2013 AMERICA 16 S 79B – 00445 Mr. TRỌNG KHANH AQ 426479
10.             TOYOTA FORTUNER 2015 JAPAN 07 S 79A – 07893 Mr. HOANG TIEN 560071001985
11.             FORD – EVEREST 2015 AMERICA 07 S 79A – 07755 Mr. QUOC THANH 56087001043
12.             TOYOTA – INNOVA 2013 JAPAN 07 S 79A – 02978 Mr. VIET TIEN AI 676835
13.             TOYOTA-FORTUNER 2015 JAPAN 07 S 79A – 09176 Mr. CONG LOI AG 553988
14.             MERCEDES – SPRINTER 2010 GERMANY 16 S 79D – 2269 Mr. BUI HUNG AK 338040
15.             TOYOTA – INNOVA 2012 JAPAN 07 S 79D – 3778 Mr. MINH HOANG AB 133519
16.             TOYOTA – INNOVA 2012 JAPAN 07 S 79N – 1050 Mr. THANH HIEN AG 016263
17.             TOYOTA COROLLA 2013 JAPAN 04 S 79A – 00675 Mr. VINH THANH AC 079291