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Saigon luxury car transfers to Mui Ne

Saigon luxury car transfers to Mui NeSaigon luxury car transfers to Mui Ne

Mui Ne is an actraction city by  priority of nature. There are the famous beaches, exotic sand dune, and wonderful stream. If you want to have the most comfortable trip from Saigon to Mui Ne, let’s contact with us. We offer provide Luxury Transfer Service with Limousine Dcars. I believe that you will sastified with our.

Saigon luxury car transfers to Can Tho
Saigon luxury car transfers to Mui Ne

From Sai Gon to Mui Ne is about 220 km and I think you don’t want to ignore some beautiful roadsides. With our, your first benefit is our driver can pick you up anytime, anywhere and stop any sceneries that you request. Of course, a Limousine is the highest quality car with full facilities such as: Mini Bar, Wifi 3G, Electronic game play kit, etc. It bring for you relaxation feelings, and absolute safety. Moreover, our driver can speak basic English and they can support for you get more informations in your trip and some places to visit on the route.

Saigon luxury car transfers to Mui Ne
Tropical fruit garden

On the route, you will have chance to gaze the beauty of meek and affable Ca Ty River, drop in the stunning beaches, a beautiful harbor and ancient buildings such as the Hindu Cham towers and the Van Thuy Tu Temple. In Long Khanh city, you should to visit the tropical garden and buy some fresh fruits to eat on the road. Or get a brunch with Căn Pan Cake, a famous cake in Southern VietNams. You need to spend about 1 hour for each place.

Saigon luxury car transfers to Mui Ne
Sand Dunes Mui Ne

We offer introduce for you some sightseeing in Mui Ne. Don’t forget to visit Red Sand Dune –  an enormous red and white sand dunes. The white dunes are the more impressive, the near-constant oceanic winds sculpting the sands. Beside that, let’s go to the Fairy Stream. It is a little river that winds its way through bamboo forests, boulders and the dunes behind the village. The limestone walls appeared with the red and white sand mixed in that part and then water flows down the limestone then carved them into those formations. All of these things create a poetic and charming stream. You can have a night at  Anantara Resort and play some beach games like kitesurfing, parasailing or diving.

Saigon luxury car transfers to Mui Ne
Fairy Stream

Trip information
Estimated distance
: 220 km

Estimated duration: 4 hours
Extra 1 hour: N/A
Payment: Cash in VND/USD/AUD/EUR… to our driver after end trip.
Moreover, we provide baby car seat for your kid with free of cost. So please let us know if you need it for your trip.


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