Monkey Island in Nhatrang

One of most interesting things in Nhatrang city is Monkey Island. Why? Let’s explore it with me !

Monkey Island in Nhatrang
Monkeys in Monkey Island

From Central Nhatrang City to Long Phu Port – where you can catch a boat and go to Monkey Island is about 28 km. This island is located on Hon Lao island, Nha Phu Bay. If you seft-driving, you just drive straight 1A Boulevard Northern, cross in Ru Ri Pass, and you will see the board “Nha Phu Bay”. You need to buy the boat ticket (about $5.5 usd per person for arrive this island and comeback). After15 minutes, you arrive Monkey Island.

Monkey Island in Nhatrang
Monkey Island

The first impression is the wild island, and so amazing. This island contains more than 1200 monkeys which are two types: Macaca Rhérus and Macaca Fassicularit (I just read it on the catalogs and I don’t know what is these types). But these monkeys is so cute. They’re love playful, naughty and friendly too. You can buy bananas and feeding for them.

Monkey Island in Nhatrang
Dog Racing

This island have a dog racing. Here, you can bet about $1.6 usd once time. And if you’re lucky, you will win with the ostrich eggs is carved which look so beautiful. You can visit some sceneries such as: Mermaid Lake, Tamda garden, 12 Animals Park, etc. And you can see monkey circus. These monkeys are very talent. They can ride unicycling, bike, cyclo, and acrobatic.

Monkey Island in Nhatrang
Snorkeling in Monkey Island

Monkey Island also have many different services such as: snorkeling, swimming, parachuting, ostrich riding, elephant riding, etc. I’m believe you will be convinced by the beauty of coral reef and marines. The clear seawater will make you feel like immersed in the sea. The price is about $7 usd for each snorkeling.

Monkey Island in Nhatrang
Ostrich Riding

Beside that, it’s so awesome when you ride an ostrich with just $2.5 usd. All gives you the amazing experiences. Don’t forget take a lunch with fresh seafoods, the price is good (average $3 usd per dish). I hope that you will have a nice trip with my travel blog. If you have any request, our team always available for a help. And if you looking forward a transfer service, let’s us take care for you. Take a look at here: Dalat to Nhatrang, Muine to Nhatrang, Saigon to Nhatrang, Danang to Nhatrang, tours in Nhatrang.

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