Muine sand dunes tour

Muine sand dunes tour
Sand Dunes in Muine

Come to Muine is not only come to the wild beaches with many leisures. With me, nothing excited me more than the discovery trip in sand dunes. What will you enjoy in Muine sand dunes? I would like to share my few experiences for you.

Muine sand dunes tour
Sunrise in Red sand dunes

If you don’t want to face with the burning sensation, you should visit here in the sunrise (about 5AM or 6AM) or in the sunset ( start about 3 PM). There are two specials hot spots: Red Sand Dunes and White Sand Dunes. And they’re far apart ( about 25 km ). So, you can visit by jeep or  motobike, but i think jeep is the best choice. The price is about $7 usd per person and $26 usd for per jeep. Miniral water is necessery.

Muine sand dunes tour
Distance from Red sand dunes to White sand dunes

Red sand dunes is the famous destination of Muine and have many travailer come here. The difference is the color of sands: russet and red. It’s so miracle. Try to walk in the sands with barefoots, it’s interesting feeling but just in the short time if you don’t want to burn your foot. Beside enjoy the heat of dessert, you also can hide in the shadow of the casuarina rows and drink a coconut.

Muine sand dunes tour
Enjoy in Muine Sand Dunes

Let’s take some jumping photos  and save the moment of the sun above the sands. I used to be enchanted by this photos. After, you can rent a plastic board with the price only $1 usd and play sliding sand until you have no strength left. Don’t forget listen the instructor how to play safety and take a look your backpacks.

Muine sand dunes tour
Lady Lake in White Sand Dunes

Leave Red sand dune, White sand dunes is really my favorite. It’s so wild and great with three large lake ( Gentleman Lake, Lady Lake and Mango Lake) beside endless sandly beaches. Let’s sit here and enjoy the beauty of scenery. Because i swear you can’t find it anywhere. If you have any request , contact us for a help. Need private car request to transfer from another city  to Muine, you can have a look at here: Nhatrang transfer to Muine, Dalat transfer to Muine, Saigon transfer to Muine.

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