Hanoi luxury car to Sapa

Hanoi luxury car to SapaHanoi luxury car to Sapa

You’re staying in Hanoi, and you’re looking for the highest quality transfer service to go to Sapa. Let’s contact with Nhatrang Private Car! With a Private Luxury Limousine Dcar, we hope that we can bring for you the most comfortable by Limousine minivan facilities.

Hanoi luxury car to Sapa
Sapa Rice Terraces

In the Northwest Hanoi and the distance is about 350 km (take 6 hours driving), the road from Hanoi to Sapa is so beautiful by great natural: terraces, mountains, passes, large lakes, greentea hills, etc. When you cross in Viet Tri city, you can spend about 1.5 hour to visit Hung Temple – the most sacred of the historic sites by the Vietnamese. The area is a complex consisting of several temples dedicated to the cult of Hung Vuong– the first descendants the mythological founders of the Vietnamese , Lac Long Quan and Au Co.

Hanoi luxury car to Sapa
Hung Temple

At Yen Bai city, you can enjoy the beauty of terraces, high passes, or Thac Ba Lake – a large lake with the cave system is located inside the limestones. Beside that, you can request our driver some local restaurant and enjoy the culinaries : Thit trau gac bep ( Buffalo meat is smoked by some leaves on the mountain), Muom Muom rang Muong Lo, Yen Bai Chinese sausage, Muong Lo Black Stuffed sticky rice cake, etc.

Hanoi luxury car to Sapa
Snowing in Sapa

Sapa mountain is in the Northwest Hanoi and the distance is about 350 km (take 6 hours driving). It is a quiet mountain town and home to a great diversity of ethnic minority peoples. Come with Sapa, you can stay at Victoria Resort, walk around Ta Phin and Muong Hoa Valleys to enjoy the most beautiful natural scenery. Beside that, this range have Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan at a height of 3143 m above sea level. You can use carble car to visit Fan Si Pan Top where have a picturesque scenic of mountains, forests, terraces, and clouds. You may meeting local tribal peoples, sitting down with a cup coffee over viewing the romantic scene of the town and listen some histories that Vietnamese was passed in war.

Hanoi luxury car to Sapa
Fansipan peak

We offer provide the best transfer service with absolute safety and relax. Beside that, our driver can speak basic English. So, you can communicate and get more information in your trip. Let’s make a luxury trip with our now! Try some Hanoi Transfer Service links below or drop us an email to customize your request by filling the form with your details.

Trip information
– Estimated distance : 350km
– Estimated duration: 6 hours
– Extra 1 hour: N/A
– Payment: Cash in VND/USD/AUD/EUR.
  Moreover, we provide baby car seat for your kid with free of cost. So please let us know if you need it for your trip.

Group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
VND 7,546 3,784 2,530 1,870 1,540 1,254 1,100 946

Ticket of some highlight in the city
– The average ticket of each place
: 40.000 ~ 70.000 VND / pax

– Carble Car in FansiPan: 600.000 VND/ pax

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