Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market Opening Hours


 Built in 1870 by the French, the market was initially called Les Halles Centrales before being renamed Ben Thanh in 1912. From a wet market created by street vendors by the early 17th century, Ben Thanh has experienced many ups and downs throughout its history and is now the oldest surviving market and one of the symbols of Ho Chi Minh city. That makes it a must for any visitors traveling to this 300-year-old city.

Today, because the market possesses one of the most crucial locations in District 1 (the intersection of Le Loi, Ham Nghi, Tran Hung Dao Avenues and Le Lai Street), transportation is extremely convenient and trade is bustling. In the morning, you can find almost everything from dry food to clothes for a reasonable price. The market atmosphere can sometimes be a real hustle and bustle, but it is an exciting experience after all. However, always remember that bargain is a must in any Vietnamese market.

Ben Thanh Market is one of the most famous landmarks of Ho Chi Minh City. However, you should check how far your hotel from Ben Thanh Market is. You can walk to enjoy the life of this city and do not need any other vehicles such as Grap Car, Grapbike Local Taxi…etc.

ben thanh market opening hours
ben thanh market opening hours

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Opening Hours of Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh market opens around 6 AM every day, with the vendors unpacking their goods and putting them on display. Ben Thanh market operates throughout the day until the official closing time at 6 PM each evening.

Because the stalls have a large range of goods that need to be packed away they start well in advance of the closing time, therefore by 5 PM some of them will have started to close up.

As the market is quite hot during the noon time, therefore, the best time to visit is either earlier in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon.

After all the stalls have closed inside the market and the gates are shut at 6 PM most people will go home for their dinner, but after this, the night market will start in the streets surrounding Ben Thanh.

Ben Thanh market shopping

The best time to get to the market is in the early morning, to pick up some items including lacquer ware, bamboo goods, arts, and crafts. There are also clothing, textiles, luggage, watches and other electronic items.

ben thanh market shopping
ben thanh market shopping

Ben Thanh Market is known as the ideal place for Vietnamese food. There are a number of vendors and food stalls in the food market that offer guests new dishes made to order. Here, people can enjoy local dishes like pancakes, rolls, pies …etc.

From clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry to kitchen appliances, groceries, sweets and great Vietnamese coffee … everything the Saigon people need for their daily lives. Can be found here. Look at the things to sell here, see how people trade or what kind of goods are bought by local people the most, one can learn much about local life and have shopping experience in Vietnam. For those who are interested in shopping, this is exactly where you are looking.

Ben Thanh Market Night

Ben Thanh market in the evening, while all the shops in the market are closed, outside the restaurants on the sidewalk to open and make the market live in the extraordinary area, you can be here. Catch some local dishes at one of the 20 cafeterias around the market.

In addition to the dishes, you can take a stroll around the market to see the souvenir booths sold a lot. You can shop for yourself or buy gifts for your friends.

ben thanh market night
ben thanh market night

Tips when traveling to the Ben Thanh Market

If you travel, you should know the price at 3-4 counters to avoid being in the sky, you should pay down when you buy something. Or you can go with a local so that person can pay for you.

To explore all of Saigon, you can combine your trip with a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels or explore the Saigon local markets tour.

By contacting us, you will have a great trip.

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