The Hell Cave

The Hell Cave
Marble Mountains

Visit Danang – the city of central Vietnam, you can’t miss the Marble Mountains. They are located Southern of Danang, on Lac Long Quan st, along My Khe beach. Marble Mountains are a cluster of five mountains, made out of limestone and marble. It’s filled with caves, temples, tunnels and peaks built into the slippery rock. One famous cave of those is The Hell Cave (Dong Am Phu). And we will visit it today.

The Hell Cave
Thi Nai Bridge and the first impression in The Hell Cave

All you need to prepare is a shoes to climbing, and a backpack content miniral water and food (if you visit all the mountains in Marble Moutains, The Hell Cave is 1 in 5 mountains).You can get there easily by taxi, motorbike or private car. Open hour is 08:00AM and close at 05:00PM. The price of ticket only The Hell Cave is 15.000 VND~0,8 usd. (Marble Mountains is also 0,8 usd too).

The Hell Cave
Sculptures in Nonnuoc Village

Before the entrance gate, the local people live around the Marble Mountains (Non Nuoc Village) are famed for their delicate carvings. The sculptures they sell are usually of many sizes, you will impression by many big stone carvings but if you just find some souvenirs or something for yourself here. The price of a bracelet is about 20.000 VND ~30.000 VND.

The Hell Cave
The Hell Cave

The Hell Cave is located in Thuy Mountain (Water) – The largest and most beautiful mountain for tourists visiting and sightseeing. As Buddhism, whoever has died will reincarnate, after cross in Nai Ha Bridge (The bridge over the hell river), you will come in to the ultra-mysterious and murky caves. Have two ways, one for the heaven and another for the hell.

The Hell Cave
Heel Doors

The hell have many nooks and hallways goes deeply into the layers symbolize for levels of the hell called name is “the hell door”. Each door, you will see the reliefs, statues of ghost with many different penalties such as Phan Quy palace, Ming Vuong palace, Avici Hell, Giai Oan springs… Surely, you will get some scare in here.

The Hell Cave
Way to reach the heaven

But after come to “the hell”, you will see the way to the heaven. It’s the long strairs to the sky. To reach the heaven, you need to pass in the high way, slippery and get a little dangerous (I think it’s not for the children). And you also see many fairies on the way. The first impression is the sunshine after dark ways. It’s so beautiful. On the peak – the heaven, you will see the Buddhas, the statues of fairies, Jade Emperor, etc. Also, you can get an overview to Danang City and East Sea.

You can’t imagine about this cave, if you’re staying or intend to come to Danang City. Let’s get a trip in here. To get a help, contact or comment with us. And if you have any request, please leave the message.  Or take a look at: Hue to Danang, Hoian to Danang, Danang Airport, Danang City Tour

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